International Global Citizen's Award

encouraging young people to become better global citizens

Resources and activities for IGCA participants - SDGs/Personal Global Footprint, understanding one another through stories,

Resources and activities for IGCA participants


  1. Videos on Sustainable Development Goal 6 - Ensure access to water and sanitation for all

 Relate to Personal Global Footprint.


Three short videos (less than 3 minutes) on SDG 6, and how it can be addressed.


  1. i) SDG 6: Ambitious, but not rocket science.

UN Water gives an introduction to Sustainable Development Goal 6 and how it can be achieved.


  1. ii) A short video from insurance company MAPFRE on how we can help save water at home.


iii)        What Can YOU Do gives more ideas for how we can help get towards SDG 6 through our personal actions at home.


What Can YOU do ( has a series of short videos on how we can take simple actions to help achieve the SDGs.

Check out their YouTube channel at:


  1. Understanding other cultures and outlooks


  1. i) Practical ideas for older students (aged 14+) on how to understand another culture


  1. ii) Short stories from around the world.

Story teller and teacher David Heathfield has compiled stories from his students from many different countries. During the Covid pandemic he has been telling a short story (most are less than 5 minutes) each day for 100 days. Check out his Breath of Fresh Air at:


Listen to a story and consider any lesson or point that you think you can learn from it. 

What do you notice in the story that is different from your country?

And what do you think it tells you about the country it comes from?

You may like to listen to a story with a friend and then discuss these questions together. David’s YouTube channels has stories for primary school children, for secondary school students and for adults.

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