International Global Citizen's Award

encouraging young people to become better global citizens

Resources for IGCA participants - plastics; open-mindedness; WWF at 60; Reboot the Future's climate change campaign; VIDEOS


Resources for IGCA participants


Story of Plastic

The excellent Story of Stuff project has just released its latest video – a short animated film on plastics. It covers a lot of ground compellingly and clearly in just over 4 minutes.



The UK website Global Dimension has a useful and simple exercise on open-mindedness – very relevant to Understanding other cultures and outlooks in the IGCA:


WWF is 60 years old

WWF is one of the IGCA’s nominated charities, and has benefited from donations from IGCA award recipients.

Founded by a small number of conservation-conscious people 60 years ago, WWF is now a major international organisation, financing or undertaking conservation work in many countries and influential in the global debate on our relationship to the natural world.

What has WWF done in 60 years? is a short video giving a brief overview of WWF’s work.


There is a written account of some of WWF’s major conservation projects at:


WWF’s YouTube channel has a large number of excellent short videos very relevant to IGCA at:


These include:

How to reduce your environmental footprint


Other videos

The UK charity Reboot the Future has just released a number of excellent short videos as part of its new climate change campaign.

Young people describe how the climate crisis is affecting their lives, and what actions they are personally taking to help remedy the crisis.


Two other videos I can recommend are:


The Best Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint | Hot Mess


Making Clothes Less Terrible for the Planet | Hot Mess

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