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Award news from Academia Britanica Cuscatleca, El Salvador

Judith Shorrocks writes:

We have two teachers who are sharing the coordination - Walter Arevalo and Carmen Villalta. Walter already runs what we call the Guardians of the Environment which is really taking off in the school. We have appointed two grade 11 and two grade 12 students as our Student IGCA Leaders (they will also do the Bronze Award). Two of them are working with Carmen mainly focussing on the Cultural Awareness Strand and on Raising the quality of reflections. The other two work with Walter focussing on the personal global footprint idea and on making a difference (influence and involvement).

All the students (about 20 grade 7 to 9 but mainly grade 7) come every Tuesday and they are split into 4 groups (one with each student leader) and their task is to learn about a global issue over a 4 week period (roughly). The student leaders have to prepare the material and the younger kids do the "research" and put together a small presentation for the others to see at the end of the 4 week period. We will do this twice, so they at least do learn something about 8 global issues.

During this time they also will need to have a couple of reflection sessions. One of our student leaders is already blogging and others are encouraged to contribute (they are doing well - have a look

They are also going to discuss what personal commitments each wants to make for themselves - bags, light bulbs, dripping taps kind of stuff and they will need to commit to that and reflect on their efforts.

Obviously, they are all involved in the Guardians which is about recycling and tree planting and other initiatives throughout the year.

The IGCA group is looking for a major charity commitment and we are considering helping a group of women in a very poor community who are trying to work on various cottage industries like arts and crafts in order to get enough books to have a library for teh children in that community. We still need to visit it and have discussions in order to see how safe the area is etc. There is no rush to decide but I would like then to have two large charity events this year for fund raising for one particular cause as well as helping that community in other ways.

After Christmas, the Tuesday regular meeting will focus on cultural awareness rather than global issues per se.

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