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IGCA News from Arabian Pearl Gulf School, Bahrain.

APG Bahrain started the IGCA programme at the start of the 2019-20 academic year.

Here is the latest update from APG's IGCA Coordinator John Labor.

“We are now in our end-of-term examinations and we have wrapped up some of the IGCA activities that happened during the first month before the participants concentrated on examinations.


We mentors are yet to meet to review the progress of each participant in different grade levels. They have been active in doing something for the environment, the most visible of which is collecting plastic bottles and turning them over to me, weekly from Grade 5 participants. (I just got handed by a boy of a garbage bag half-full of plastic bottles they gathered from their classroom over the week.) Another Grade 5 participant is doing it at home with her parents’ involvement.


The IGCA program complements well with the Clean & Green APG program in school. It is heart-warming to notice group of participants in the elementary level going around the campus during National Day celebration and collecting empty boxes of pizza and plastic bottles for recycling. Their action was an effective awareness campaign about environmental responsibility, and they did that while others were having fun.


With the banners now displayed from reception to prominent boards in school buildings from elementary to middle to high school, participants and non-participants are constantly reminded of the IGCA and its emphasis on personal engagement and development in global citizenship.


Meanwhile, our very active members in the higher grades have come a long way within a short time. The group had an opportunity to promote their campaign for environmental responsibility outside the school, in a public school for girls, where they presented their recycling products and their program to reduce personal footprint on environment.”

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