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News from The English Academy, Kuwait - one of the pilot schools for the IGC Award

May I begin by introducing myself. My name is Balwinder and I am currently running the IGCA at The English Academy, Kuwait.
Students at TEA are thoroughly enjoying participating in the IGCA and are appreciating the knowledge they are gaining. We have helped a local university break a Guinness World record of most clothes collected by a nation through running a clothes drive in school, created art and useful items from recycled products, plan improvements for Shanty Towns through 'The Shanty Town Game' and share numerous discussions on topics such as Fair Trade, Child Migration from Africa to Europe, Ebola, Fashion and Child Labour and many more. 
Apologies for not meeting the deadline for 'Doing Good with Money', but it is a very well thought out title. The action of doing is what is key and identifying this among the Global Citizens is vital. I am planning on organising a project based on this idea as their final assignment. 
Balwinder Kaur

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