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Update from Academia Británica Cuscatleca (ABC), El Salvador

Walter Arevalo of the Academia Británica Cuscatleca (ABC), El Salvador, reports that schools in the country have been closed for face-to-face teaching since 11 March 2020. But IGCA activities at ABC continue.

“The IGCA meetings are taking place online every Tuesday and participants are very enthusiastic with the activities we hold each session. We also promote activities through an abcigca instagram account, which was a student's idea and now more people follow us this way. We had our annual Turtle Release in November last year with teachers and parents only, but students joined a livestream through Instagram and the fundraising took place all via electronic donations. You can see the video if you have an Instagram account. We also have the plan to celebrate Earth Day and Cultural Diversity Day using the same tools.


We feel the IGCA at ABC has become stronger and we are very happy about that.”


See more about ABC’s IGCA activities at:

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